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Self Awareness

With Awareness comes choice and with choice comes freedom.

In today’s world, the significance of Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient is well-recognized and understood.

Social and emotional learning is important when it comes to any aspect of life, be it for professional success or for well being in life.
The experiential work during sessions and the time and the various tools taught  for reflection and practice between sessions help set the participant onto a path of developing better mental and emotional habits. Better emotional habits would mean better relationships at home and  at work. Self awareness helps build a support-system from within oneself and one that is sustainable in the long run.

Benefits of the Self Awareness :

- Understand your personality and explore your strengths.

- Challenging and developing your Emotional Intelligence and Intuitive abilities.

- Better collaboration and relationships through better communication.

- Better decision-making and therefore more effectiveness & more empowered and enriched living.

- Increasing creativity & enriching daily living.

CONNECTEDLIVING Foundation course on Self Awareness and Problem Solving Program (SAPS-F):

The SAPS Foundation Course is the stepping stone to the journey of awareness and a pre-requisite for other Self Awareness programs. This 20-22 hours interactive & experiential sessions that include exercises, worksheets, meditations and art work has been carefully put together to help develop healthier mental and emotional habits. Habits that will enable a more 'enriched and empowered self'  in your personal and professional lives.

Program Delivery:

  • Interactive Live online ( via video on zoom or like online platforms), in small groups of up to 6 participants in a group OR 1:1 individual sessions.

  • Contact sessions (held at the office of CONNECTEDLIVING in Cham, CH), in small groups of up to 6 in a group OR 1:1 individual sessions.

As a participant, you will:

  • be guided to work on your Emotional Intelligence through various experiential & reflective exercises; art and the medium of colours; meditation practices and so on.

  • attend 10 online live/contact sessions of at least two hours each.

  • receive your own Hand-Book that includes all the content that will be covered, to serve as your life-time reference manual.

  • receive all the material required for the art work.  (for all contact programs. The participant brings his/her art materials in an online version of the program.


Click here to enroll yourself in a Self Awareness program at CONNECTEDLIVING.

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