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Transformational Coaching

Self awareness


Before starting any coaching or program, we shall have a free no-obligations consult wherein we shall assess the suitability of our offer for you

Transformational Coaching

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformation Coaching is coaching at a very deep level with an emphasis on shifting the `way of Being’.  

When the individual has shifted to the desired `way of Being’, the desired outcomes then follow so naturally that it feels effortless.

In this type of coaching, the `Doing arises from the Being’ !

The reasons that you could be experiencing life a certain way could be because of  certain deep-seated blocks/ beliefs in your psyche. These blocks/ beliefs rest on internal patterns (formed probably since childhood) and certain fears  that could be so deep-seated that you didn’t even know that they existed.Transformational coaching will help you face these blocks/beliefs and resolve them. Thereby transforming you into 'your desired version of you’,  taking you closer to your innate potential and your higher creative self.

These coaching sessions will take you through a journey of deep-introspection and self-awareness with the goal of answering the question - 'who do I choose to be?'

You can book sessions to meet me at our office OR to meet me virtually for an online LIVE experience!

Benefits of Transformational Coaching with CONNECTEDLIVING:

  • Becoming more SELF AWARE.

  • Being present in your life (be it personal or professional life) with greater CLARITY. 

  • Change in deep-seated MIND-SETS that do not serve you anymore.                                             

  • Developing higher RESILIENCE.


  • Finding greater  BALANCE in life.

Techniques used:
  • Mindfulness -based approaches.

  • Anxiety management techniques.

  • Powerful questioning  bringing in more clarity.

  • Cognitive and Self awareness tools and techniques.

All techniques and tools used are directed at making you  more connected with your life with more clarity, self-reliance and higher resilience.

A few of life's issues that I can help you with:

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Goal Attainment
Life skills
Spiritual Life
Home & Family
The Coaching Sessions:

  • Generally, each Coaching session is one-on-one.

  • It starts with an initial `Free-Consult' session in which we talk about your requirements and how best you could be helped.

  • As it is a very 'At your own pace' approach, goals are set by you and accordingly initial plans are drawn by you with the full support and help from the coach

  • We start meeting in our sessions at the pace and intervals that was decided upon.

  • As transformational Coaching is deep-work, it is recommended to commit for at least  10-12 sessions/ 3 months.

  • During sessions, many a time, small simple assignments or exercises would be decided upon by you to work upon in the time between sessions. these assignments will be clearly defined to help take you a step closer to your goal, each time.

  • I will be available to help also in between the sessions via emails and messages.

  • You could then decide to either continue to do deeper work on your goal / tackle a whole new goal / stop the sessions for the time being.

These coaching sessions will take you through a journey of deep-introspection and self-awareness with a singular focus  of answering the question - 'who do I choose to be?'


Self awareness

In today’s world, the significance of Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient is well recognised and understood.

Social and emotional learning is important when it comes to any aspect of life, be it for professional success or for a general well being in life.

The Self-awareness programs offered at CONNECTEDLIVING provide a structure and a clear direction when beginning this journey.
The experiential work during sessions and the time for reflection and practice between sessions help set the participant onto a path of developing better mental and emotional habits. Better emotional habits would mean better relationships at home, at work and socially. Self awareness helps build a support-system from within oneself and one that is sustainable in the long run.

Benefits of Self Awareness programs:

- Understand your personality and explore your strengths

- Challenging and developing your Emotional Intelligence and Intuition

- Better collaboration and relationships through better communication

- Better decision-making and effectiveness

- Enhancing creativity by connecting to daily living

Self Awareness Programs are available either as in-house contact sessions (COVID-19 compliant) at our office and as online LIVE sessions!!

CONNECTEDLIVING Foundation course on Self Awareness and Problem Solving:

The SAPS Foundation Course is the stepping stone to the journey of awareness and a pre-requisite for our other Self Awareness programs. This 20-22 hours course begins by introducing the participants to the theory of Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne. The interactive contact sessions that include exercises, worksheets, meditations and art work has been carefully put together to help develop healthier mental and emotional habits. Habits that will enable better performance in your personal and professional lives.

As a participant, you will:

  • attend 8 contact sessions of two hours each.

  • receive recordings of the meditations for practicing at home.

  • receive your own Hand-Book that includes all the content that will be covered, to serve as your life-time reference manual.

  • receive all the material required for the art work. ( available only for contact sessions; NOT for online live sessions)

  • be guided to work on your Emotional Intelligence and resilience through art and the medium of colors and through meditation.

  • experience a Retreat Day of 4-5 hours that will include group discussions, meditations and expression through art where you will create your very own work of art that you can take with you, at the end of the program. (material for the art available only for contact sessions; NOT for online live sessions).


...coming soon: Advanced courses on Self Awareness

  • Self Awareness and Problem Solving Program - advanced

  • Understanding and coping with Menopause

  • Experiencing the Joys of Parenting

  • Rising to the challenges of Youth


Click here to enroll yourself in a Self Awareness program.



Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction was founded in 1979 by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Massachusetts, USA. Since then, the practice of mindfulness has gathered significant momentum due to it being supported by innumerable studies and scientific research. Kabat-Zinn was able to extract important aspects from the ancient Buddhist practices of mindfulness and meditation and combine them with modern day neuroscience research and develop this very secular and non-religious program which came to be known as MBSR.


MBSR is a rigorous practice and experience oriented program of 8 weeks. It combines various types of meditation practices and gentle yoga movements with a clear understanding of the body and brain, ensuring that the participant is able to connect back to the moment to moment experience of life.


Moment-to-moment awareness means being aware of our body sensations, thoughts, feelings and at the same time being aware of the situation that is presenting itself on the outside. It is in a way - being present in our own lives as it is unfolding!

Benefits of Mindfulness & MBSR practices:

- Handling stress and its manifestations like sleeplessness, exhaustion, burn-out, etc

- Better emotional health to tackle anxiety and depression

- Sense of calm and grounding- Increased clarity and control over one’s life 

- Higher level of self-compassion in life

- Increased resilience



The CONNECTEDLIVING eight-week program is based on the programs of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. This course is also greatly influenced by my teachers, my personal experience and my personal practice.


As a participant, you will;

  • attend 8 weekly contact sessions held on consecutive weeks. Each session is about 2.5 hours and will include the understanding of mindfulness and interactive exercises.

  • be guided through meditations, mindfulness practices & interactive exercises during these sessions.

  • receive the recordings of meditations for practicing at home.

  • receive your own Hand-Book that includes all the content that will be covered, to serve as your life-time reference manual.

  • participate in a 5-6 hour Retreat Day which will be held either at the end of all the sessions or just before the last session.

MBSR programs are available as in-house contact sessions (COVID-19) compliant OR as online LIVE sessions!!

Click here to enroll yourself in a MBSR program.

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