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So, What is Transformational Coaching?:

Transformation Coaching is coaching at a very deep level with an emphasis on shifting the `way of Being’.  

When the individual has shifted to the desired `way of Being’, the desired outcomes then follow so naturally that it feels effortless.

In this type of coaching, the `Doing arises from the Being’ !


What I can do for you?:

As a Transformational Coach, I shall facilitate by helping you deep-dive into your psyche.  I shall help and support you on making the transformation from `the present version of you’ to `your desired version of you’.


Why Transformational coaching?:

The reasons that you could be experiencing life a certain way could be because of deep-seated blocks in your psyche. These blocks rest on internal patterns (formed probably since childhood), fears and beliefs that could be so deep-seated that you didn’t even know that they existed.

When I help you face these blocks and resolve them, you will find that you transform into ` your desired version of you’ taking you closer to your innate potential and your higher creative self.



How do I do it ?: ( the process in a nutshell):

I shall take you through a journey of deep-introspection and self-awareness, all the time standing beside you like a partner.

Our work together will always involve answering the question, ‘who do I choose to be?’'

Through different techniques involving transformational coaching, using principles from neurochemistry and biochemistry, Self-awareness training and Mindfulness training, I shall help you `grow’ into `your chosen version of you’ and embody it in the best way possible.


What I can help you with?:


Very often I meet people who come into my office looking for a direction in life. These are some very wonderful people full of potential who might just be in a tough life-situation and need a little support. There are also people who visit saying that they have come `this far’ but would like to go to the `next level’ needing help with chalking out the path.


I would be able to help with a variety of life-issues, a few for example are listed below:

  • Life Crises

  • Relationship problems

  • Dealing with anxiety and building confidence

  • Dealing with stress and help personal well being

  • Personal growth and development

  • Executive skill coaching (like time management, Planning, Organization, prioritization, Self -Monitoring, Impulse control, flexible thinking, Task initiation)

  • Expat-life Coaching (being an expat myself, I can understand the struggles, crises and joys of expat-life)


I help through one-one contact sessions and also through the various courses , workshops and retreats.

I am available in-person and online( on various platforms like Skype, Zoom, and others ) for our sessions and courses.

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