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About Me: 

Hi, I'm Janaki.

I'm a Transformational and Mindfulness Coach, passionate about empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges and tune into their inner harmony.

Helping You Find Your Rhythm

Life's curveballs – chronic illness, relationship issues, deep anxiety, burnout or major life transitions – can leave you feeling lost, overwhelmed and out of sync.

At CONNECTEDLIVING (founded  in Cham, Switzertland in 2016), I create a safe and supportive space for you to explore your inner world and  to gain access to  the clarity, balance, and the purpose you crave.

Imagine each conversation as finding  a lost note, and then, slowly stringing them, one note at a time, reclaiming your rhythm and harmony again!

My passion for coaching has allowed me to impact lives at a profound level, helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.

The road that led me here: 

My journey began  as a therapist and counsellor at a renowned psychotherapy and counselling center in Mumbai. I also  facilitated training programs and workshops to promote self-awareness for both individuals and corporate groups. My experience herewith, extended  as well to working with children and teens, providing  therapy and facilitating workshops designed to meet their unique needs.

Building on my experience of over 15 years, I established a center in Mumbai in the early 2000s, offering therapy for adults and play therapy for children and teens.

This invaluable experience laid the groundwork for my future endeavors. A new chapter then unfolded as I relocated to Switzerland. Bringing my expertise with me, I pursued certifications as a Transformational Life Coach and a Mindfulness Coach  to empower individuals on their journeys from a very unique space.


I hold a Masters degree in Biochemistry and a Masters degree in Psychology.

My formal education has provided me with a deep understanding of the  interconnectedness of  human  physiology and human psychology.

Additional Credentials:

  • Accredited MBSR teacher ( 2- year program in teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) 

  • Advanced program in teaching MBSR and MBIs  (Mindfulness Based Interventions)

  • Certified Transformational Coach -ICF certified (International Coach Federation)

  • Certified NLP practitioner. ( ICF certified) 










More about me:

Though my roots are in India, Switzerland has become my family's home these past 16 years. Here, we raised our son, and while he is forging his own path, our lively Labrador, Rudy, keeps our family adventures going!

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